Skills development

Skills development

Leadership program

This training is for managers (current or in the future) in the private or public sector (presidents, CEOs, managers, supervisors, foremen and team leaders). The goal is to develop team engagement skills to increase team performance.
The following skills are to be able to set goals and evaluate results, motivate teams, make the right decisions, resolve conflicts effectively, manage performance issues, improve communications, promote autonomy, etc. Although sometimes innate, leadership can also be learned!

Mentoring program

We can assist your company in the application of mentoring programs. We’ll help you match mentors with mentees so they can have a rewarding experience of sharing and developing skills. The mentor is an experienced person who volunteers assistance to a less experienced person who guides and advises them. The mentor shares his or her experience and vision (without being a trainer), while the mentee improves self-confidence, skills and opportunities for professional success!

Welcome program – integration

The quality of the reception and methods of integration of new employees directly influences their retention. In order to allow new employees to develop a sense of belonging to your company or organization, you need to design a strategy that takes into account its culture, values and expectations.

Succession Management Program

As a manager, you need to be able to develop your next generation. Succession planning and management is designed to keep employees in office, while ensuring that employees acquire the skills they need to apply for future positions (without a promotion guarantee). We help senior managers and managers fulfill their role in this skills development process.

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