Sapientis is a non-profit organization that develops programs to stimulate change in the public education system of Puerto Rico.

We believe that only when all children from disadvantaged communities receive a high-quality education will Puerto Rico be more productive, more equitable and a better place to live. To achieve this we develop a network of people with the commitment, knowledge and training to confront problems inside and outside of the classroom.

Our initial program was an innovative effort that recruited outstanding college graduates and trained them in leadership. They were then hired to teach in Puerto Rico’s public school system for two years.

We have trained more than 130 teachers, directors, staff and other people committed to improving public education. Through our work, we have seen that change is necessary, but the road is not easy.

This success led to a Memorandum of Understanding with the Puerto Rico Department of Education to expand our programs and increase our impact. These programs are based on a strategic leadership model developed over the past 20 years by Dr. Ronald Heifetz of Harvard University and used throughout the world.