Our Vision: We envision a world where poverty and inequity are solved by guaranteeing every child a high-quality education.

Our Purpose: We build a network of change agents who actively exercise leadership to improve public education.

Our Core Values:

We value Education. We believe it is the cornerstone of social and economic development. We believe that all children are entitled to a high-quality education and that all children can learn at high levels. We work to improve educational opportunities for children in both the short and long terms.

We value the Teaching & Learning Experience. We believe that teaching provides the leadership skills needed to be effective in any endeavor so our members and staff serve as teachers. We also believe that every situation is a learning opportunity and we encourage members, staff, and supporters to learn from experiences and one another.

We value Leadership. We believe that people need to exercise leadership to address the internal and external challenges facing education. We build a network of current and future change agents who work in all sectors — business, government and nonprofit- to address the critical issues preventing children from receiving an excellent education.

We value People. We believe that one of the most important factors in any effort is the people dedicated to that effort. We invest time, money and energy to ensure that Sapientis’ members and staff are committed to our vision and have the skills to work toward it.