Adapta is the workshop we designed to provide businesses, non-profit organizations, government agencies, organizations and individuals a new perspective on leadership. Contrary to traditional thinking that portrays those in positions of authority as “leaders,” Adapta defines leadership as an action, not a person. This seminar is based on the premise that all people have the capacity to exercise leadership in order to mobilize resources and contribute to facing the challenges that hinder a group’s progress.

Our workshop offers an analytical framework to teach participants to diagnose problems in a practical way using group dynamics. The curriculum of the training is focused on leadership issues such as: the analysis of failed leadership, authority versus leadership, values, and the role people play within their organization based on group dynamics. The objective of the seminar is to pursue systemic diagnosis, intervention and self-management.

If you want to transform the way in which your organization operates and want the entire team to contribute to the process of facing and solving your group challenges, this is your opportunity.

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