Who Should Take Our Seminar

Adapta’s seminars and workshops teach organizations and individuals to face adaptive challenges. If you or your company is facing any of the following situations, you need Adapta’s seminar.

— Everything seems fine yet your company is not making progress and you cannot identify the fundamental problem that is holding you back.
— Your company can diagnose the roots of the problem, but does not know how to use the talent of its employees to find a solution.
— Excessive conflict among different groups in the organization paralyzes the company’s ability to generate change.
— The crisis that the organization faces requires changes that cannot be implemented because of the resistance to the losses those changes represent.
— The company’s culture is based on practices that are counter-productive to generating progress and cannot be easily changed.
— People in the organization are unfocused, unwilling to take risks or fearful of getting involved to generate progress.
— People are too intimidated to look for solutions and experiment with different ideas because they fear failure, reprimand, or are highly dependent on the formal authority figure.
— Individuals are unable to overcome their personal limitations and cannot motivate themselves to make changes.

Seminar Structure

The training is divided into sections that include lectures, structured exercises and video clips designed to increase the level of participation of the group. Participants’ personal cases are also used to illustrate leadership challenges.

As the concepts discussed during the seminar are difficult to understand at first, the training includes a series of articles to be read ahead of time to help participants arrive prepared.

Participants should come with an open mind and ready to participate beyond the limits of their comfort zones.