Sapientis has recruited outstanding college graduates, trained them in leadership and supported them while they taught in Puerto Rico’s public schools for two-year appointments. More than 270 candidates applied for this program and our members taught more than 3,000 students in 56 schools.

Based on this success, Sapientis signed an agreement in 2005 with the Puerto Rico Department of Education to expand and develop more programs.

Sapientis’ goal is to make improving public education the top priority on the island. To do this we developed new programs to create a culture where teachers, directors, parents, concerned citizens and the business community exercise leadership to change the conditions that hold back our public schools.

Our programs are based on the work of Harvard University’s Dr. Ronald Heifetz, who has spent 20 years teaching and implementing this successful leadership model world-wide. Our new programs that use this model are:

Mobilization for Education

Schools on the Move

Front-line Educators

Youth Leadership