What are you waiting for? Join the fight to improve the quality of the public education system and human development education.

• Puerto Rico is the third largest school district in the United States.  It has approximately 560,000 students, 1,523 schools and 42,000 teachers.
• According to the Puerto Rican Scholastic Achievement Tests, 61% of students are not proficient in Spanish, 60% are not performing at grade level in English, and 78% do not possess adequate math skills.
• More than 900 of the schools in Puerto Rico have failed to meet the minimum achievement standards stipulated by the federal No Child Left Behind Act for at least two consecutive years.

Sapientis is a non-profit organization that works to improve the quality of public education and human development in Puerto Rico. We created the Coalition for Equity and Quality Education (CECE, for its acronym in Spanish), a movement focused in mobilizing individuals that are committed to exercising leadership to improve the quality of the early education and development system, through our various Human Development and Education programs. We believe that the key to success consists in connecting all sectors of the Island and work together to transform and further develop the public education system to guarantee an excellent education for every student.

As it has been proven by many scientific studies, children tend to learn the best through play. This is why we are proud to present our latest project on interactive learning through video games. Students can use their mobile devices in school provided by the state, and under the supervision of teachers, play so-called free play arcade games. These games are created in such a way as to provide an engaging medium for transmitting important educational materials. We believe that, although unorthodox, this method will prove to be a success in the long run and will encourage further development of alternative methods of teaching in schools.

Early Education and Development are of utmost importance to building a steady foundation for children, that is why in order to be successful in this endeavor we believe that is important that all of society must connect and work together to bring forth change and improve the education system in Puerto Rico. Through the various programs at Sapientis, we offer many Leadership Education and Development courses that will help prepare you to be the one at the forefront of this movement.

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