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Lead with determination

Lead with determination

As a leader in education, you are contributing to one of the most exciting – and challenging – periods in the history of the education system. Their goals have propelled our education system to the world stage as a center of excellence. At the same time, effective leadership has emerged as one of the key elements in furthering and strengthening school system-wide improvements. This resource presents a new set of tools that will help strengthen and develop personal leadership skills. It will also provide organizations with a roadmap that will help them increase their leadership potential so that leaders and organizations can implement cutting-edge leadership concepts on a daily basis to achieve educational goals and concrete results.

Effective and successful leadership in the ever-changing environment of post-secondary education requires strong skills and strong tools. CICan’s Leadership Institutes draw on new concepts and recent management experiences to contribute to the professional development of participants and help them be good leaders in the college and institute network. Programs help institutions plan for succession by presenting the skills needed to effectively lead institutions of all sizes and addressing the career path and skills required to lead at the senior levels.

Each institute is tailored to a particular position and gives participants the opportunity to develop in contact with eminent college and institute leaders. The training is provided by a group of stakeholders who ensure that interaction is at the heart of the program. Trainers share their stories and experiences and share their knowledge by highlighting the essential skills to lead in post-secondary education. Participants are invited to play an active role throughout the program (teamwork, coaching, work, etc.).

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