Adaptive leadership is at the center of everything we do at Sapientis and Adapta. This methodology was originally created by Harvard University’s Dr. Ronald Heifetz, who has been developing the model over the last 20 years with professionals and students from approximately 85 countries.

Sapientis has modified this methodology to fit within the context of Puerto Rico.

Adaptive Work

The word “adaptation” is best illustrated by biology: People, plants and animals must change and adapt to their environments to survive. In the same way, individuals, groups and organizations have to change and adapt to successfully face challenges. Adapta focuses on helping individuals develop and use the necessary skills to face complex situations and systems that normally leave them confused or frustrated. The majority of organizations unknowingly operate with dysfunctional systems. According to Heifetz’s leadership theory, there are three different situations in which these organizations can find themselves.

Type of Challenge   Problem Solution
1. Technical √  knows the problem √  knows the solution
2. Managerial √  knows the problem doesn’t know the solution
3. Adaptative doesn’t know the problem doesn’t know the solution

The third situation — where no one knows the problem or the solution — is what requires adaptive leadership. Adapta’s methodology teaches participants to diagnose the situation and intervene to push groups and individuals to confront the problem.